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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Maintenance

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Maintenance

Home ownership can be a lot of work, especially when it comes to maintaining the home to prevent damage and disaster. Many people fail to keep up with their homes properly, leading to numerous costly repairs that could have been avoided. Properly maintaining your home doesn’t just save you money, it is also protects you and your family from danger.

The Danger Zone

Everyone knows that the roof is one of the most important structures of a home, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. Many problems can result from a roof that is not properly maintained.

Water. The number one cause of water leaks is a damaged roof. When the roof shingles are not kept in good condition, water is able to get underneath and penetrate the base layer. A water leak in the roof can cause further damage to the inside of the home, leading to mold or mildew damage in carpets and walls. Once the walls get compromised by water, they can lose strength and become at risk for collapse.

Gutters. Roof gutter and drain systems can be problematic for homeowners. Many people have rain gutters installed along their roof to catch and drain the water away from the house. The problem is that dirt and debris can get caught in the gutters, causing them to be clogged. A clogged rain gutter can begin to sag and pull away from the roof line. If this happens, the fascia boards or roof materials may get damaged in the process. Roof materials at the edge of the roof line are very important for maintaining a water tight seal. If the gutters tear the roof materials, or overflow from debris, the home is at risk for more water leaks.

Inexperience. The roof itself is also dangerous to the homeowner who may be on top of the roof inspecting or making repairs. Because roofs tend to have steep slopes, inexperienced homeowners can easily slip or fall from the roof.

Staying Safe

Have the roof inspected by a professional annually, most roof contractors charge very little to inspect a roof for problems. If there is any damage, repair the roof right away. It is always a good idea to have another person outside with the homeowner, supervising any work on the roof. A homeowner should never attempt to replace or repair any large section of the roof, gutters or flashing on their own. Roof conrtactors are professionals and all major repair or roof replacement should be left to them.

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