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Basic Delaware Valley Roofing Recommendations

Most homeowners would certainly like to take care of their own roofs. It is better, however, to leave the roofing system in the hands of professional roofing contractors. Delaware Valley roof repairs and maintenance is tedious and dangerous. There are some things about roofing that a homeowner must also know though. Here are the basic roofing recommendations that roofing companies would like to share with the homeowners.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Upon inspection and discovering damages on your roof, it is only natural that you take measures to fix it and prevent more damage. This would involve having your roof repaired or getting it replaced.

When you plan for a roof replacement, you have two basic options. You can either opt for a complete replacement of the roof system, or choose to cover up your existing roof with a new one. A complete roof replacement would mean tearing your old roof off and installing a new one. The second option just involves an installation of a new membrane and surfacing.

With the second option, however, you have to make an additional inspection with a professional roofing contractor if you’ve already been through a roof recovering in the past. The roofing contractor will check whether or not your deck can hold and support a second recover. If not, you will have to opt for a complete roof replacement.

If you are experiencing roof leaks, there might not be a need for a roof replacement. The leak may have been caused by loose flashings or a partial damage to a section of your roof. These minor damages do not call for a roof replacement. Repairing the roof may be enough. If the leak is caused by a roof failure, that is the time when you need to replace your roof. This is because a roof failure, caused by improper installation or wrong choice of materials used, cannot be fixed and is irreversible.

Useful Life of Your Roof

Your roof’s useful life largely depends on the type of roof you have and the treatment it receives from the local environment:

  • Asphalt shingles: lasts 15-20 years
  • Wood shingles/shakes: lasts 10-40 years
  • Clay/concrete tiles: lasts 20 years or more
  • Slate: lasts 30-100 years
  • Metal roofing: lasts 15-40+ years

Remember that when choosing the type of roof you want for your house, always check with the warranties of the products.

Ventilation and Waterproofing Your Roof

Roof ventilation is recommended for every home. It may not be that big a deal for many people, but it is better to have one according to professional roofing contractors.

Why is it needed? Roof ventilation helps create a cooler attic in the summer. Hot and overheated attics are damaging to the roof deck and shingles. With roof ventilation, roof damages like these can be avoided. During the winter, the roof ventilation can help create a drier attic and prevent ice dams. So basically, roof ventilation moves hot air out of the attic in the summer and removes moist air in the winter.

For extra protection, you can also have waterproofing underlayment installed underneath the shingles. It is recommended that waterproofing underlayment be installed in high wear areas like the valleys on the roof, around the dormers, rakes, eaves, and skylights. The waterproofing underlayment is an extra barrier against water leakage.

Seek For Professional Help

There are safety and efficiency procedures to take into consideration when repairing or replacing the roof. Without the proper knowledge and training, your roof might be subject to an improper installation. You might also be injured in the process. Professional roofing contractors are efficiently trained and are aware of the safety considerations in roof repairs and roof replacements. Homeowners should just stick to roof inspections and some maintenance systems. You can check for cracked shingles or clear the roof gutters. But it is recommended that you leave the repairs and replacement to the professionals.

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