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Can Shingles Take This Heat?

It is the dream of most consumers to have a roof that is affordable, requires no maintenance, and will last forever. Unfortunately, the reality is that most housetops will need to be replaced – or at least repaired – once every ten years or so. Because of this necessity, there are many types of material from which to choose, each with its own pros and cons.

If a homeowner is in the process of choosing the right material for their residence, shingles may be the best choice since it can actually cut down on the cost of roofing repairs or replacement. In addition, many other benefits can also be enjoyed such as a cooler house and lower landfill refuse which does help the environment.

High Quality Material

Shingles have become a good choice for many roofs because of its clean look, durability and lower price in comparison to other roofing materials. They are produced from higher quality materials, such as asphalt or fiberglass as well as those that contain some recycled materials.

There is a wide variety of types, colors and brands of shingles from which to choose, making them a good choice for almost every roof. These very versatile materials are easily adapted to many different applications and are easy to install on just about any roofing system. They require lower maintenance and the fire protection rating on most brands is Class A.

Color Choices

When a contractor asks a homeowner about their color choice, there are a wide variety of selections available. Magazine articles about this subject show some great alternatives including great colors as well as white housetops which are capable of great heat reflection and energy-saving during hot weather months.

The good news here is that choosing a shingle color does not have to affect a homeowner’s desire to save energy costs during hot or cold weather. What makes the most difference in a house’s overall temperature is the roofing ventilation system. Professional contractors state that colors do not really matter as much in differing types of weather. Instead, the primary key to keeping the area under the housetop cool is directly related to a proper ventilation system. For maximum energy efficiency from such a system, it should be well-designed and installed by trained and reputable contractors.

Ventilation Systems

When there is adequate attic insulation and ventilation, the shingle color will not have such a large effect on the temperature inside the home. Instead of being concerned about how the color of the shingles will affect the energy bill, the consumer should focus on hiring a professional roofer who will install the most appropriate and efficient ventilation system for the house. Most reputable contractors know that an efficient ventilation system will allow roofing materials to achieve their full service life while keeping an even temperature in the attic.

With present-day technological advances in ventilation systems, there are many options available which will increase the energy efficiency in the attic. This will allow homeowners to have a choice of shingle type and color without being focused on energy efficiency alone. In the end, they will be able to enjoy the advantages of having this roofing material on their home and be able to emphatically state that shingles will indeed beat the heat!

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