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Color Choice And My Roof

It is not easy for one to trust their expensive assets to just anyone; however, there are experienced roofers who can help keep those assets in top condition. Besides choosing an experienced contractor, perhaps the most challenging decision that a homeowner may need to make is selecting the proper color scheme for their house. With the many options in terms of shades available from which to choose, there are many factors that a consumer needs to consider when faced with such a difficult decision. It is important to gather adequate information and resources to help in this selection process.


It is hard to decide whether neutral tones or more trendy tints are the right choice for a residence. Choosing an exterior color can be challenging for most consumers as they will need to live with the decision for an extended period of time. For this reason, it is usually the recommendation of experts to select a neutral hue for several reasons: it will save a homeowner from embarrassment once that trendy shade is no longer in fashion; contractors will find it easier to work with and touch up; and most importantly, it is always in style as opposed to the current vogue color.


Planning for the color of the roof has several aspects that need to be considered in order to achieve the best shade and style for each individual home. Following is some very basic information that can be used to help make the correct choice for a roof.

  • Choose Samples – Go to a local home improvement store to get samples of various styles and shades of roofing materials. A householder should choose samples that are always available on display as they are very representative of commonly used colors as well as samples that are proportionate in size to the design they want to use. For example, larger samples can be used for the predominant shade that will be used in the design of the roof while smaller ones can be used for any detailing in the design. The main color of the design should be used for the largest square footage of the roof as this will be the part that can be seen when standing in the street.
  • Coordinate with Neighborhood and Environment – The goal of selecting the correct color for a roof should not be totally dependent upon homes in the surrounding area or an attempt to duplicate the color of the housetops in the area. A more appropriate goal should be to coordinate and blend with the shades of nature as well as those in the neighborhood as a whole. A contrasting shade may also be chosen but it should be ensured that it compliments the colors of nature and the roofs in the neighborhood.
  • Consider Simple Color Scheme – Using a simple scheme will make a small house appear larger while the wrong combination will produce quite the opposite effect. To produce a striking effect, strongly contrasting shades should be chosen. If a homeowner wants to hide a particular detail of their house, a good selection then is only lightly contrasting shades. Either of these choices can be good decisions depending on each individual home.
  • Balance Design and Proportion – Lighter hues can make a house look larger while darker ones make it appear smaller. Light shades hide the outline of architectural details, while darker colors show those details.

Shopping for a new roof can be one of the best opportunities to increase a residence’s curb appeal. Following the important insights listed above can help a homeowner make the right decision regarding the color of the structure that covers a large portion of the exterior of a home. Therefore, it is important that the roof should complement the overall style and exterior color scheme of the house. A homeowner will then know that they have chosen the right roof for them!

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