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Do You Want A Tile Roof?

There are many different types of roofs and roofing materials. There are choices according to style, durability, cost, size and textures. One type of roof used includes a tile roof.

Having a tile roof provides a variety of choices. There are different shapes, textures, colors, designs and thicknesses. These tiles are used with soft plastic materials and resemble the tiles used inside the house such as in flooring. These tiles are hardened and molded with heat or a chemical reaction. Other options include been made from cement, clay or concrete that are made to be fireproof. If the tile roof material is Class A as a fire rating is fireproof. These tile roofs have been known to protect a home if there are fires in the area. Having a tile roof such as this will help prevent or delay a fire allowing time for it to be protected and saved by the fire department.

Weight is not an issue with roofs either. They are thin and not any heavier than layered asphalt shingles. When homeowners are having a tile roof installed they can talk to their roofer about any concerns about this situation and the materials being used. Cement tiles are often considered the most lightweight of the tile materials available. Another element for a tile roof is this material is color safe in the sun as it won’t fade.

Price for a roof is another concern as with any job there is a budget. There are a range of prices when it comes to a tile roof. There are expensive options and more cost effective options. Often quality is a sign of cost and a more quality item will cost more. Nevertheless, a concrete material tile is the least expensive usually. When it comes to tile roofing the price is higher for bigger sized tile. The manufacturer also will indicate how high the price will be. Another element to consider is installation as a smaller tile will cost more during this process to get the job done. When using small tiles more tiles will be needed and that means placing more down for the roof. Homeowners are advised to keep these factors in mind when choosing tile. Small tiles might cost less, but could be as costly as or even more expensive than a larger tile once installation is figured into the total cost.

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