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Finding The Perfect Roof Material For Your Delaware Valley Roofing

Finding The Perfect Roof Material For Your Delaware Valley Roofing

Did you know that a roof material can make or break the look of your home? Did you know that the value of your home could be impacted by the roof material you choose?

Many people have never even thought about the statement their roof is or isn’t making for their home. In fact, most homeowners simply ignore their roof until there is a problem or in need of repair. Even then, most people just choose to replace their roof with the same material as before.

Choosing The Right Style

There are many different types of roof materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. For most people choosing a material is as simple as replacing the old material. However, simply upgrading the roof to a new or different style could make a bold, and profitable, statement.

The most traditional roof material choice is composite asphalt shingles. These shingles are known for their cheap pricing and variety of colors. As one of the most versatile roof materials around they make great choices for homes with complex rooflines or lots of detail, such as historically styled homes.

Clay or slate tile is a lesser popular roof material but are great for higher temperatures and dry climates. These roof tiles can easily withstand the high temperatures and UV rays of the sun for climates that are exposed to several warmer months of the year. These tiles present a unique look and are great for regions that are thematic, such as the southwest.

Metal roofs are becoming more popular among homeowner due to the fact that they are low maintenance. Cool and wet climates can benefit from the ease of care a metal roof has to offer. They are great for preventing mold and mildew associated with increased moisture and can easily tolerate snow buildup in cold temperatures.

Checking For Upgrades

These days, everyone is trying to do their part for the environment and choosing a recycled or green roofing material can help. Many of the traditional materials are now offered in recycled varieties or with the option to be recycled after use. You can now find asphalt shingles that are made from recycled rubber and plastic or recycled metal roofs made from scrap metal. Clay and slate tiles don’t require recycling as they are already environmentally friendly products made from earthy materials. Solar panels and even green roof materials, made from vegetation, are also great options for upgrading the look and quality of your home’s roof.

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