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The No Stress Steps to a Roof Purchase

Here is a list of questions to ask a prospective contractor including the answers that you should expect.

Ask the following questions:

1. Do you have general liability insurance? Can I see a copy or verify that it is indeed active? It is very important that your roofer has this insurance as a protection for you, the homeowner.

2. How many roofs have you done in the area? Do you have references? May I call them? Take the time to call these references and ask them about their roofing experience.

3. Do you have any complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau? Regardless of their answer, you can verify this information by visiting the Better Business Bureau. Click here to find out more.

4. When will I be expected to pay for the job? The contractor should reply, “An initial payment will be due, when we have the materials or have placed the order for the materials (some materials like slate, tile, etc. are special order with no return policy).” The contractor should not expect final payment until all the work is completed.

5. Can you help me with my insurance claim? Part of a roofing company’s job should be to help homeowners with their insurance claims. That is why Catalfano Brothers has licensed insurance adjusters who can help the homeowner navigate the insurance claim process.

In addition, it is important to know your rights when purchasing a roof. Insurance companies often encourage homeowners to get multiple bids merely as a delay tactic while they schedule an adjuster to come evaluate the roof. However, it isn’t necessary for you to go this route. Waiting around on multiple contractors can be a waste of your time. It is important to know that if you have a trusted roofing company that has answered all of your questions, the insurance company is required to pay the appropriate market value for a quality roofing job in your area

Catalfano Brothers knows that replacing a roof can lead to a lot of questions which is why we are committed to giving you the knowledge necessary for a successful roof replacement. Please call our office at 215-884-1266 with any questions or to schedule your free roof assessment today.

If you are looking for a Delaware Valley Roofing Contractor or Roofer in Northern Philadelphia, please call 215-884-1266 or complete our request estimate form.

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