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Top 10 Signs You Need A New Roof Or Roof Repair

A damaged or leaky roof can seriously damage your entire Plymouth Meeting home. Water seeping in through roof leaks can ruin your ceiling, walls, and structural supports along with your home’s foundation. Mold, mildew, moss, algae and many other organisms, as well as fungus grow within damp environments, damaging not only your roof but also cause breathing problems leading to an unhealthy environment throughout your home.

Here are some of the most common roof problems that Plymouth Meeting homeowners should look for:

  1. Loose, broken or missing shingles: This exposes your roof to leakage and water damage and occurs due to loose, broken or missing shingles. Shingles usually get displaced because of heavy winds and constant rainstorms. If your Plymouth Meeting home has a Cedar Shake Roof, you should check for the similar signs of broken, missing and cracked cedars.
  2. Water leakage that appears in the attic or in the ceilings of rooms below the attic space. Water leakage can also appear in your walls, ceiling lights, and in your soffit outside. This should be taken seriously as mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours.
  3. Water stains, or sagging ceilings: Usually, rainwater gets accumulated under shingles, making them curled, blistered and cracked. So, next time you see evidence of water stains, or sagging ceilings in your Plymouth Meeting home make sure to take them very seriously.
  4. Wet dark spots: Here is a common roof sign where wet dark spots occur in the wood. However, if the spots appear to be dry and hard, do not panic as it may be an old problem that has already been fixed.
  5. Rusty metal or loose shingles: Rusty metal or loose shingles in places where a vertical side of the house meets the roof also represents an active sign of a roof problem.
  6. Dark Streaks: Dark streaks or patches on asphalt shingles clearly indicate the requirement of a professional roofer to assess for possible damage.
  7. Excessive Granule Loss: Granule chunks flowing into the gutters point out that the granular coating on a roof is quickly failing, which may lead to a leaky roof. The granules break down from the asphalt shingles leaving your Plymouth Meeting roof prone to further expensive damage.
  8. Damaged Flashing: These signs occur when your metal flashing material gets cracked or bent. It normally happens because of improper installation or drying and cracking on an older roof.
  9. Algae staining and moss: Algae stain is the discolored blemish occurring on your Plymouth Meeting roof. However, algae alone does not ruin a roof but it will often allow moss to grow. When moss is removed from the roof, it washes out the asphalt granules and shortens the life span of the roof.
  10. Dripping sound: Have you heard the sound of dripping water in your Plymouth Meeting home? If yes then a professional roofing contractor should be called upon to check on your roof and check the attic to discover the source of the problem.

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