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Roof Repair Emergencies

Your roof is an important part of your Delaware Valley home, and it must be maintained and protected. This simple feature does more than keep the rain out; it also blocks the cold winter wind, the blazing sun, hail, snow and all other forms of weather. Ignoring a roof that needs repair can quickly cause serious structural damage. The second you realize your Delaware Valley roof is leaking you should call for emergency roof repair.

Potential Damages

A leaking roof is more than inconvenient, it’s a major problem. Water will always follow the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, that means it can travel great distances and damage more than what is directly underneath the leak. Here are just a few of the things that can happen when a leaking roof is ignored.

  • •Drywall can become soaked and ruined, requiring replacement.
  • •Doorjambs can swell, causing the doors to stick.
  • •Sub floors can rot out and will have to be replaced.
  • •Kitchen cabinets may be ruined.
  • Ceiling fans and other electrical fixtures can be damaged.
  • •The entire roof can collapse if the problem is ignored for too long.
  • •Mold can result from the wet environment.
  • •Household belongings may be destroyed.


Quite often, the only way to fix a roof is to have a new one put on. But this isn’t always the case. There are many repairs that can be done to a roof to extend the life, saving you thousands of dollars. Shingles that are blown off in a storm can be replaced. Many leaks occur around chimneys and vents, but these can easily be patched and waterproofed. Flashing that was improperly installed can be corrected. Channels where roof lines meet can be patched and water-proofed.

Waiting for a New Roof

The problem with new roofs is that they have to be done in the right weather. Roofing can not be done in the rain, and the temperature must be warm enough for proper installation. The problem is that roofs don’t wait until warm, dry weather to fail. Ice dams cause roofs to fail in the deep, cold months of winter and the rainy months of spring are also a prime time for a roof to fail. When a new roof is required but can’t be done for weeks or months, emergency roof repair is the answer. An emergency roof repair will stop the leak until a crew can come out and actually replace the roof.

Protect your house by keeping the roof in good repair. At the first sign of damage, call for emergency roof repair. If possible, check the attic occasionally for signs of leaking water. The earlier a problem is caught, the more effective the roof repair will be.

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