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Delaware Valley Roof Inspections Prevent Long-Term Damage

For many people, buying and owning a home is not only the biggest milestone of their lives, but also the biggest investment. It is for this reason that keeping the home properly maintained and keeping up with the necessary maintenance is important. One of the most important areas of the house to keep in check is the roof. Water, wind and nearby objects can all damage the roof and in turn may damage the property.

The first step to spotting damage is to know what to look for during twice-yearly inspections. Enlisting the help of a qualified Delaware Valley roofing company is one way to know it is being done properly. This will prevent minor issues from going undetected by the novice and turning into costly projects down the road.

Of course, there are some problems that make themselves known right away. The exterior is the best place to start looking for signs. Check for missing and loose shingles, weak spots, loose seams and deteriorated flashing. Peer into the gutters. Look for excessive accumulation of granules and shingle debris. Check the downspouts as well. Any debris that has fallen onto the roof should be removed promptly. Branches, shrubs and projectiles left undisturbed can cause damage over time. Areas prone to ice storms and hail are also subject to roof and shingle damage.

Inspecting the attic interior is another notable way to find any problems. Any small leaks will leave marks on the underside of the roof. Look for signs of mold, discoloration and dry rot. When mold is found, proper removal is important for health and structural safety. Check the ceilings and walls inside the house as well. Look for cracks and bubbles in paint, discoloration of plasterboard and peeling wallpaper. If a leak exists, it may work its way into the drywall. This will cause the drywall to become discolored or to bulge out and need to be replaced. Finding and fixing these problems early can save a lot of money later. If the house is in an area that is sheltered and does not get a lot of rain, leaks may be hard to detect. A certified roofing professional will know what potential trouble spots will look like and can alert the homeowner to problems.

In the event of damage, a roof may not need to be replaced, but repair may be an alternative. Replacing the flashing may be one option. A re-cover of the old roof is another. While a complete Delaware Valley roof replacement is sometimes necessary, the roofer may be able to simply install a new membrane and surfacing, rather than performing a complete tear-off.

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